Photo Gallery

Ashley Hunt Visit

Katrin Sigurdardóttir Visit

Odili Donald Odita Visit

Rashad Newsome Visit

Jill Magid Visit

Wu Tsang Visit

Monotype workshop with Tom Butter

2013 Gramsci Monument / Thomas Hirschorn

Robert Semper Studio Visit—11/28/2012



Photographs by: ©Craig O’Neal Callison 


Aziz+Cucher Book Launch

Photographs by: ©Joy McKinney


Antonio Vega Lecture and Workshop

Photographs by: ©Joy McKinney 

Vito Acconci Lecture and Studio Visit

Photographs by: ©Joy McKinney 

Joan Jonas Visits Studios and Lectures in Kellen Auditorium

Photographs by: ©Joy McKinney 

MFA & BFA Open Studios

Photographs by: ©Joy McKinney 

2012 Thesis Class Presentations


Artist Janine Antoni conducts studio visits with 2nd year MFA candidates Leah Raintree and Dalal Ani before presenting her work to the Fine Arts community in the Kellen Auditorium.


Sara Jiminez has a studio visit with artist Malik Gaines who then lectures in the Kellen Auditorium.




Artist Alan Michelson makes a studio visit and lectures for Fine Arts students in the Kellen Auditorium.


Art Practice, Activism, and Pedagogy: FEMINIST CONFERENCE +++


Artist Nicole Awai speaks with MFA candidate Bing Han about her painting practice and then gives a public lecture in the Kellen Auditorium.


Painter/printmaker Ryan McGuiness presents his work to Parsons Fine Arts students and faculty.


Christine Howard has a studio visit with Antoni Muntadas. Muntadas answers questions from students after presenting his work in Kellen Auditorium.


Naeem Mohaiemen meets with grad student Wilson Parry and then discusses his work with BFA and MFA students in Kellen Auditorium.


Doug Ashford has a studio visit with MFA student Jessica Posner and then presents his work to the AMT community in Kellen on 2/22.


Artist AA Bronson conducts studio visits with MFA students Scott Raffield, Jade Yumang and Cupid Ojala and then presents his work to a standing room only crowd as part of the AMT Lecture Series.


Members of OCCUPY MUSEUMS meet with Victoria Hempstead in her studio and then give a public lecture about their recent protests to Fine Arts students at Parsons.


Artist K8 Hardy presents an artists talk as part of the AMT Lecture Series and meets with Brenda Goldstein in her studio.





2011 MIDTERMS +++



Catherine J. Morris, Curator of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for
Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum, talks to a group of MFA students
and faculty about the exhibition, "The Spirit and the Letter" by artist
Matthew Buckingham.



Richard Birkett, Curator of Artists Space in Soho, talks to a group of
students and faculty about the exhibition "Anarchism Without Adjectives:
On the work of Christopher D'Arcangelo (1975-1979)



Scenes from MFA Thesis Show Opening at The Kitchen, May 10 2011

Curators Sina Najafi and Jeffrey Kastner

Brendan McCarthy ('11) with MFA Director Simone Douglas and BFA Director Kianga Ford

Ayala Lewis, Dalal Ani and Rebecca Volinsky (all "12)

Parsons Alums Morgan Ersery and Alexandra Smith

Parsons Alums, Seyhan Musaoglu and Rayna Savrosa



Student works from the Illuminating Noir exhibition at 25 East Gallery held in conjunction with The New School Arts Festival.



6 E. 16th St. (NSSR building), room 1009 (auditorium, 10th floor)
Join artist and scholar, Jarrett Earnest, for a multi-media lecture on Dolly Parton! He will examine her intense mythological identity construction with the aid of conceptual art, gender, and drag politics, among other things.
The event is FREE & includes Southern cooking, mixtapes, and a special performance by a Dolly impersonator.

Artist Dana Shutz speaks on her process with students in the Kellen Auditorium.

Shutz visits with Yalie Lewis, MFA 2012.


Artist Amy Cheung talks about her work with students in Kellen Auditorium and visits with MFA student Kaitlynn Redell.


Artist Liam Gillick conducts studio visits with MFA Students John Small and Hyun Jung Cho.

Gillick presents his latest projects to MFA and BFA students in Kellen Auditorium as part of the Artist Lecture series.


Slavs and Tatars giving a lecture to MFA and BFA Fine Arts Students in Kellen.

MFA students Christine Howard and Pablo Gomez Uribe have studio visits with Slavs and Tatars.


Faith Wilding discusses her recent work in Kellen Audiorium and visits the studio of MFA Student Lauren Denitzio.


MFA Students attend a lecture by Otolith Group in Kellen and discuss their recent projects.

Otolith Group conducts studio visit with MFA Student, Maria Cruz Alarcon Lopez, and visits with Bing Han, MFA Student.


Artist Trenton Doyle Hancock discusses his work in Kellen Auditorium and visits with MFA student Cupid Ojala ('12).


Artist Leigh Ledare does a studio visit with Alicia Debrincat, 2nd year MFA Student, and speaks about his work with the Fine Arts program in Kellen Auditorium.


Artist Wafaa Bilal lectures to students.


Artist Julia Mehretu lectures to students.


Artist Clifford Owens visits with Sarah Eagen ('13) and lectures to students.


Artist Kimsooja lectures to students.


Artist Biljana Djurdjevic lectures to students (Left). Leah Raintree (’12) discusses her work with visiting artist Ann Hamilton (Right).


The Fine Arts Program is pleased to announce an exhibition of outdoor work by students in the MFA and BFA programs entitled “Out and About.” The exhibition is at the Cooper Square Hotel from February 21s through March 23rd. Students featured are Alex Sloane, Warra Hugh, Liz Levin, Day Le, Maxwell Nalevansky, Carlos Quezada, Nathan Christie and Leah Raintree.




Visitor at Open Studios, 2009 and (right)Rehan Bashir (’11) with guests in his studio

Crossing Borders (group exhibition), 5th floor Gallery and (right)Monica Bernal (’11) with guest in her studio

(left)Josh Bricker (’10) with guests and (right)Ain Feizabadi (’11) in his studio

(left)Daniela Di Donato (’11) and Nick Shifrin (’10) and (right)Beom Do Seo (’11) with guest

(left)Neha Majithia (’11) painting with henna on Brian Tolle (faculty) and (right)Nana Asante (’10) with Mary Judge (faculty)



Performance and Politics in Guatemala Symposium and performances on October 2-3, 2009

Investigative journalist Kate Doyle lectures on images used as evidence of human rights violations by the Guatemalan government. (right)Regina Lopez discussing her work. Seated are artists Anibal Lopez and David Perez.

Anibal Lopez’s street performance in front of the Stock Exchange, October 2, 2009. (right)David Perez’s group performance, Tumulos, at Exit Art, October 3rd, 2009.

Regina Galindo’s performance at Exit Art, October 2, 2009.


Intermedia Artist in Residence Aki Sasamoto visits BFA classes at Parsons.

Artist in Residence Aki Sasamoto(left) conducts studio visit with Paulina Garcia ('12) and artist Cristobal Lehyt(right) conducts studio visit with Michael Ratulowski ('12).

Visiting artist Laylah Ali(left) conducts studio visit with Bridget O'Rourke (MFA 2011). Studio in a School Executive Director Fran Van Horn(right) speaks to MFA students about teaching artist careers.

Visiting artist Matthew Weinstein(left) conducts studio visit with Aron Cohen ('12) and visiting artist Leigh Simone(right) conducts studio visit.

Visiting artist Mark Dion(left) conducts studio visit with Thomas O'Grady ('11) and visiting artist Kara Walker(right) lectures to a packed auditorium at Parsons.

Visiting Critic Andrea Scott(left) conducts studio visit with Neha Majithia ('11) and Mildred's Lane director Morgan Puett(right) discusses the residency program with MFA students.

Visiting Artist Tehching Hsieh(left) conducts studio visit with Leah Raintree ('12) and visiting artist Daniel Bozhkov(right) conducts studio visit with John Thornton ('12).

Visiting Artist Patty Chang(left) conducts studio visit with Atalay Harrison (’11) and visiting artist Charline Von Heyl(right) conducts studio visit with student Bing Han.

Visiting Artist Magdalena Campos(left) conducts studio visit with Rehan Bashir (’11) and Aron Cohen(right) and guests at Parsons' Graduate Reception on November 11.


Visiting Artist Steve Lambert(left) lectures to Parsons Fine Arts students and visiting artist Sharon Hayes(right) conducts a studio visit with Cupid Ojala.


Visiting artist Judi Werthein(left) conducts a studio visit with MFA student Jade Yumang ('11) and visiting Artist David Reinfurt(right) lectures to students.


Visiting Artist Nao Bustamante performs at Kellen Auditorium and conducts studio visits.


Visiting Artist Alejandro Cesarco(right) conducts studio visits with MFA students and visiting artist Nicole Eisenman(right) lectures to Parsons Fine Arts students.

Video art pioneer Paul Ryan lectures to Fine Arts students and visiting Critic Omar Lopez-Chahoud conducts studio visits with MFA students.


Mexican artist Enrique Chagoya lectures to students about the works he created for the "Re-Imagining Orozco" exhibition at Kellen Gallery, and conducts a studio visit in Fine Arts.


Artist Hank Willis Thomas lectures to students and visiting artist Marlene McCarty (right) conducts a studio visit with Michelle Yu('10).


Visiting Artist Kurt Kauper conducts studio visit with Danielle Goldsmith ('10) and gallerist Janine Cirincione (right) discusses the art business with MFA students.


Visiting Artist Sara VanDerBeek conducts a studio visit with Guangyu Wu ('11) and visiting artist Eve Mosher (right) discusses strategic uses of the internet for artists with MFA students.


Visiting Artist John Miller lecture to students and Performance Artist Martha Wilson(right) conducting a studio visit with Monica Bernal ('11).


Visiting Artist Byron Kim discusses Bojan Mitrevski's ('10) work in his studio and Vera List fellows H. Lan Thao Lim and Lana Lin (rigt) lecture to the students.


Nicolas Guagnini (faculty) in meeting with Gene Kim ('11) and Visiting Artist Byron Kim(right) lectures to students.


Visiting Artist Huma Bhabha lectures to Parsons students and Jackie Battenfield(right) leading a workshop for MFA students on artists' self-management.


Artist J.Morgan Pruitt, co-founder of Mildred's Lane, discusses her projects with students; on the right, a member of the BHQF collective conducts a studio visit with Isabelle Webster ('11).


Visiting Artist Alexi Worth in a studio visit with Mary Younkin('10) and Visiting Artist Shirin Neshat in a studio visit with Josh Bricker ('10).


Visiting Artist Rev. Billy in a studio visit with Nana Asante ('10) and Chico MacMurtrie in studio visit with Kenna Kindig (9"11).


Visiting Artist Mike Joo in a studio visit with Dan Carlson ('10).


emily jacirEmily Jacir 2
Emily Jacir speaks as part of the Fine Arts Program's Visiting Artist Lecture Series.


Silvia Kolbowski (left) and Rebecca Quaytman (right) speaking as part of the Fine Arts Program's Visiting Artist Lecture Series.


Wangechi Mutu 1Wangechi 2
Visiting Artist Wangechi Mutu conducting studio visits with graduate students.


jonas 3jonas 4
Paul Ramirez Jonas conducting studio visits with MFA students.


jonas 1jonas 2
Paul Ramirez Jonas speaks at one of the Fine Arts Program's Visiting Artist Lecture Series.


pfeiffer 1pfeiffer 2Paul Pfeiffer conducting studio visits with MFA students.


Pulse 1Pulse 2
Parsons Booth at the Pulse Art Fair curated by Eva Diaz.


Alfredo Jaar 3Alfredo Jaar 1
Alfredo Jaar conducting studio visits with MFA students.


Sanford Biggers 1Sanford Biggers 2
Sanford Biggers conducting studio visits with MFA students.


Rob Pruitt 1Rob Pruitt 2 Parsons alum Rob Pruitt visited with MFA students and discussed his professional activities in the two decades since he graduated.


Saya Woolfalk 1Saya Woolfalk 2Saya Woolfalk conducting studio visits with MFA students.


Anthony AllenEva Diaz Anthony Allen (Left), Eva Diaz (Right)Parsons Fine Arts is pleased to announce that the 2009 MFA Thesis show will be curated by Anthony Allen. Allen is an independent curator, scholar and translator, and is also associate director of Paula Cooper Gallery. The 2009 Parsons Fine Arts MFA Thesis Exhibition will take place at the Kitchen in Chelsea and opens on May 7th.Parsons Fine Arts is pleased to announce that the independent curator and art historian Eva Diaz will curate a selection of student works for our booth at the Pulse Art Fair, which opens on March 5 at Pier 40 in Manhattan.


Sikander 1Sikander 2
Shahzia Sikander kicks off the Fine Arts Program's Visiting Artist Lecture Series this semester.


Open Studios 1Open Studios 2Parsons MFA Open Studios Fall 2008


fine arts 1fine arts 2
Parsons welcomes both incoming MFA students and new Chair Coco Fusco at orientation


Fine Arts 3Fine Arts 4
Coco threw an end of the summer party with empanadas and watermelon after the orientation.