Intermedia Artist in Residence

Antonio Vega Macotela+++


The 2012 Intermedia Artist in Residence is Mexican artist José Antonio Vega-Macotela. His month long visit to Parsons School of Art Media and Technology begins on March 21st with a public lecture in Kellen Auditorium at 6:15pm. Jose Antonio Vega-Macotela’s residency has been made possible by a gift from The Daniel and Estrellita Brodsky Family Foundation.

One of the most prominent members of a new generation of aesthetically iconoclastic and socially engaged Mexican artists, Vega-Macotela’s work is currently featured in The New Museum’s Triennial "The Ungovernables" and was included in the 2010 Sao Paolo Biennial.  He is best known for his long-term project entitled “Time Exchange” involving inmates at the Santa Martha Acatila Prison in Mexico City.

From the Artist’s Statement:

My work is multidisciplinary, site-specific and often engages particular communities. It explores notions of exchange, specifically regarding current as a mediation device through which social relations are established. It addresses an alienating economic system and its social structures. I use art as a tool that may change the meaning of everyday life as well as re-contextualize it. My pieces work at two levels: first, at a concrete one, they are almost a form of activism, since they have a real impact in people's lives; and second, at a metaphorical level, when art audiences read my interventions as metaphors themselves.

During his residency, Vega-Macotela will visit classes and develop a collaborative project with students in Fine Arts, Photography and Design Technology that will culminate in an exhibition at the 25 East Gallery in April.

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