Sofia Quirno

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1978

Sofia Quirno creates drawings, paintings, video animations that she then combines into installations that engage with site specificity and the belief in art as a tool to create a different place within reality. Through humor, she establishes random relationships between things and subjects, nonsense and unmitigated silliness. Her installations intend to stretch and unfetter the imagination and examine the incongruence of situations uncovering the possibility of new scenarios in a search to disempower the existing ones. Playing with ambiguity, and an “in-between” figuration and abstraction, she purposely disrupts linear conclusions, setting guides for a dialogue with the viewer, but leaving the meaning of the works as open questions.

Sofia Quirno has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Politics from Torcuato Di Tella University, but she is uninterested with the political rhetoric prevalent in the world. She has since embraced art as a place to generate alternative scenarios and discourses. Through the choreography and the rhythms produced by the different mediums and objects (fictional or real) she combines, she intends to question preconceived interpretations and possibilities within the established order of ideas. Quirno was artist in residence at Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (2013), a Robert Sterling Clark fellow at the Vermont Studio Arts Center (2012), and artist in residence at Triangle Artists Workshop NY (2010).  She has shown her work since 2006 in Argentina, Spain, Pakistan, and the United States.