Nikola Kravitt

Nikola Kravitt’s work focuses on the external and internal play of human emotion. Whether physical disease or some form of frailty is abstracted or combined with that of the breakdown of the emotional, the two tend to mesh into a web of vulnerability that lays bear a fascinating duality of positive unsurpassed strength and subtle sensuality. She has used her own physical and emotional experiences in much of her work and has experimented with a variety of materials to explore such a complex question of how beauty can be found in human pain. Kravitt’s current body of work explores the aesthetic beauty of how cysts, especially in the brain, can resemble the stars in the night sky. The triptych on view in Off Pink composed of yellows, greys, and reds, evokes an innate visceral quality. Up close, the details of these sewn together and ripped apart works reveal layers of rice paper, collaged signed paper, layers of sennelier paint, and blown up Polaroid images of both the night sky and the brain. Fabric, texture, and nails are used to demonstrate how a constant questioning of two seemingly opposite ideas can exist as one. As images, Kravitt’s collages confront the ethereal and destructive in the world. Her works are in constant dialogue with one another and force viewers to confront what is in themselves.