Minhee Bae

Oregon, 1991

Minhee Bae utilizes many tactile methods and media, such as painting, drawing, and sewing, to negotiate the notions of Asian-American identity. Most often, her works are informed by elements of Korean heritage and American youth culture. Her recent Emoji Bojagi series include several silk organza pieces that depict Internet symbols, specifically from the set of Apple iOS emoji. Bojagi is a traditional Korean wrapping cloth, and it is used for a variety of reasons such as protecting, covering, and holding objects of any value. Bae selects emojis that suggest good vibes and those that have been mediated by American pop culture; she then embeds them within her own versions of bojagi. The Emoji Bojagi series includes Person with Folded Hands Bojagi, Soft Ice Cream Bojagi, and Money with Wings Bojagi. She is currently working on a series in which she replicates iconic American male outerwear counterculture garments that are injected with contemporary Asian-American experiences, along with traditional Korean signs and symbols.

Minhee Bae was born and raised in the United States. Her family includes Korean and first-generation Korean-American members.