Logan Lape

Santa Ynez, California, 1989

Logan Lape considers camping and the campsite as a model for the production of works that reenact the making of a place. Employing sculpture, photography, and architectural intervention in this process, his work addresses the contradictory nature of these sites and the role played by the body in activating them. For Off Pink, Lape constructed a stage to match the dimensions of an elevated sleeping platform, which had previously existed in the artist’s truck. While the top surface of the stage provides a moment of respite to the viewer, the area defined by it relates to, circumscribes, and in many ways becomes a territory.

Logan Lape is from Nevada, the desert, where thinking starts with nothing –the emptiness of the void– and ideas are conjured up into it. He now lives in New York City, the city, where thinking starts with everything –saturated by all stimuli– and ideas are tunneled in and through. His projects have appeared in Reno, Los Angeles, and New York City, as well as online and in remote locations in the Great Basin, the Black Rock Desert, and the Great Salt Lake.