Leah Schrager

United States, 2000

Leah Schrager is a visual and conceptual artist whose work manifests both on and offline. In her work, she photographs, appears in, augments, and markets her own image. In 2010, she founded the practice of Naked Therapy as “Sarah White.” She recently co-curated the female-positive BodyAnxiety.com exhibition, which has been reviewed and featured in Rhizome, Dazed Magazine, Sleek Magazine, and Artforum (April 2015). Her interest lies in the line, movement, and biography of the female body. Her online personas (or “onas”) are viewable at OnaArtist.com. In Off Pink, she is showing her art-ified selfies, which are the culmination of her thrifold roles as model, photographer, and artist in her work.