Gabiel Pericàs

Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 1988

Gabriel Pericàs is an artist and editor. He is concerned with the making of, and the reflection upon, performances, objects, and books, among other discursive devices. Since 2010, Pericàs has been working on a series of performative lectures in which he delivers a spoken narration, commenting on images and objects through associations and speculation. Pericàs elaborates, in an essayistic fashion, on scholarly topics such as design history, intertwining them with personal anecdotes and trivia. As part of his MFA thesis project, Pericàs has completed the last lecture in the series titled Puff! which addresses the ideological aura of the Sacco chair, the original beanbag chair, designed in Italy in 1968.

Alongside his performative practice, he has recently engaged in the sporadic construction of objects. These are enigmatic sculptures, which often operate in the dialectical tension that occurs between conceptual pairings, such as flux and obstruction, information and knowledge, fantasy and materiality, libidinal and real economies, etc.

In 2013, Gabriel Pericàs founded Biel Books (, a small-scale publishing house devoted to the publication of books by other contemporary artists. He has had solo exhibitions at PM8 Gallery (Vigo, Spain), Joan Miró Foundation, (Barcelona, Spain), among others. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions both in Spain and the US.
He studied in New York as a Fulbright Scholar.