Flynn Linehan

Bangor, Maine, 1987

Flynn Linehan’s work engages notions of deformation and defamiliarization, achieved through processes of abstraction. Linehan uses cameraless photographic techniques, as well as printmaking and digital interventions, to create tension between what is deformed and what is formless.  The relationship between forms that bear vestiges of their source exist as disruptions amidst more inchoate, abstract and unstable compositions.  The imagery employed is often bodily in nature, and evokes feelings of the strange or uncanny. The work presented as part of the exhibition Off Pink comes from a series of prints derived from running latex monster masks through a printing press. In this iteration of the mask series, the indexical prints are scanned and put through additional distorting digital processes. The resulting images are flattened and stretched; some indications of representational imagery remain, while other areas completely give way to the formless. Suggesting that chaos or formlessness is always at work at the periphery and is exercised in the traces of sensible objects.

Flynn Linehan presently resides in New York.