Daniel Cerrejón


Daniel Cerrejón’s artistic practice reflects on the materiality of relations: relations among people, the relations we establish with things or within various contexts, and the currencies between and among objects. In the case of the work presented in the exhibition Off Pink, different connections are established between and within images and texts. His work seeks to establish new and unexpected juxtapositions that incite and affect the viewer. As part of the exhibition Off Pink, Cerrejón is showing the incipient ongoing project “+/-.” This project begins as an archive-in-progress composed of clippings of news headlines. The headlines have been selected because of their intention to affect readers independent of their own judgment. Organized according to lines of thought that appear in the archive itself, the work pursues patterns that recur to articulate the way we are affected and impacted by language. At the same time, another archive made up of images from the same news sources crosses the path of the headlines, thereby giving materialization to the work.

Daniel Cerrejón moved to New York in 2013 to pursue his master’s studies. Since then, he has been collecting headlines of newspapers from the US.