Aaron Cooper

Goulburn, Australia, 1983

Aaron Cooper investigates histories, chronicles, and possible narratives surrounding various contested sites and objects. Using sculpture, installation, and photography, his projects are often characterized by aesthetic and discursive qualities, developed from a desire to blur boundaries of art and life. In his current research, Cooper traces the appearance –and disappearance– of an archaic sculpture discovered on the shores of Gaza in 2013. Cast in a youthful representation of the Greek god, Apollo, the sculpture survived as an astonishing archaeological treasure; but soon after its’ discovery, was lost to political intrigue. Using available documentary evidence, Cooper draws an index of the absent object, probing its narratives for questions of desire, representation, power, and the politics of value.

Aaron Cooper is an AusArt Fellow for the American Australian Association (2014). He has exhibited across Australia and the United States, receiving support from the Australia Council for the Arts, Victoria Harbour Young Artists Initiative, Ironside Studios Award, Perrin Foundry Sculpture Prize, Stella Dilger Award, among others.