2014 MFA Thesis

Hala Alhomoud

Hala Alhomoud’s practice confronts the scientific objectification of the material body alongside the reductionism, politics, and marketability of processed foods and pharmaceutical drugs. Using animation, video, drawing and installation, she uses narratives and histories to break down modern scientific faith and embrace uncertainty.

Alhomoud’s videos intertwine the use of scientific data in marketing schemes with the resulting experience of the utilitarian objectification of the self. Her gestural drawing style and minimal imagery depicted on electronic devices and standard grids, address the negative consequences of technology on the body, suggesting a human trapped in the information age. The use of abstract patterns and repetition embrace a spiritual idea of boredom, unpredictability and impractical gestures.

Hala Alhomoud was born and raised in Kuwait. She received a BFA in Film and TV Production with an emphasis in traditional animation from New York University. Her work was selected for numerous festivals including ASIFA-East in New York, Williamsburg International Film Festival in Brooklyn, and First Run Film Festival in New York.

Hala Alhomoud / i used to be human still 1 / 2013 / video still / approx. 6 minutes

Hala Alhomoud / i used to be human still 2 / 2013 / video still / approx. 6 minutes

Hala Alhomoud / Comparing Apples and Facts / 2013 / pen on grid paper / approx. 8 x 8 in.

Hala Alhomoud / Mass Produced / 2013 / screenprint on newsprint paper / 12 x 18 in.

Hala Alhomoud / Portrait of a Human / 2013 / tape on wall / approx. 6 x 7 ft.