2014 MFA Thesis

David Connolly

David Connolly is a New York based artist whose work situates itself in the larger field of new media, sculpture and installation.

For more than a decade he has chosen to live and work outside of his native Australia. Connolly has immersed himself in the cultures, languages and belief systems of countries in Japan, Argentina, Spain and North America. He’s gained extended exposure to issues that are at once culturally specific and globally applicable—-specifically, the themes of immigration, migration and isolation as they are coupled with geopolitics and global economies in relation to expanding global markets.

His work has been published and exhibited in China, Australia, Japan, New York, and Argentina.


David Connolly / Untitled video still / 2014 / 4 channel video / dimensions variable

David Connolly / Keep it to a foxtrot whether he's a fox or not / 2013 /
Bamboo, neon light, plaster, duct tape / Dimensions variable

David Connolly / Be careful for what we wish for? I / 2013 / melamine rice bowls, display case, plaster chinese lions, utopia book on architecture, red silk cloth and himalayan salt.

David Connolly / Be careful for what we wish for? II / 2013 / photographic performance

David Connolly / Speakers are speaking in code / 2012 / 3 channel audio loop, ¼ and ⅛ steel rods, three horn speakers / Dimensions variable.