2014 MFA Thesis

Becca Jane Rubinfeld

My practice attempts to stand at the threshold of art and life, seeking to disorient the viewer who may struggle with having to categorize it as either one. I find satisfaction in the constellation-like way that meaning is created when using a hybrid approach through combinations of sculpture, photography, drawing, video and non-art based practices.

Feel free to speak in many voices, I always have. My creative practice has a multidirectional attitude and voice. I do not try to separate the writer from the dyslexic, the poetic from the didactic, the erotic from intellectual, and the body from the mind.

I try to occupy the boundaries between the secret knowledge of characters and the distinctive qualities of real individuals and communities. My work questions the divisions between knowledge and intuition, between fantasies and reality.

If my practice was an allegory the setting would be wildness; the characters are powerful girls with beautiful monsters as playmates. Their action, the plot, is the pleasure found in inward experience of the innards of the body, and the deep openings found in both their wild actions and the wildness of the landscapes they love.

Becca Jane Rubinfeld received her BFA with concentration in New Genres from Sierra Nevada College. Since then she has shaped a practice that promotes relationships with communities both in the eastern and western portions of the country, traversing both major urban art centers and places unique in their remote location. Projects have appeared in the Black Rock Desert, the Great Salt Lake, Reno, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York. Becca Jane’s practice is interdisciplinary in approach, allowing experience and intuition to translate into expressive form.


Becca Jane Rubinfeld / Gravitation / 2014 / Instant film diptych / 8-1/2" x 3-1/4”

Becca Jane Rubinfeld & Russell Dudley / Scaffold Exchange / Sculptural installation / 10’ X 24’ X 12’ / 2010

Becca Jane Rubinfeld / Unhinge / plywood and paint / 12' x 10' x 3' / 2012

Becca Jane Rubinfeld / Inwards Innards / instant film / 3-1/4” x 4-1/4 / 2013

Becca Jane Rubinfeld / Inwards Innards / Black pipe / 3' x 2' x 1' / 2013