2014 MFA Thesis

Angela Pulido Zorro

Angela Pulido Zorro’s current work, employs text, video, 3D objects and participatory gestures that invoke the scale and the potential of human actions.These works derive from a desire to interlace the absurd and unlikely objects and actions found in her works, with the shifting realities of a society that perpetuates war. The text used in her work elicits the complicated relationships between the written history and the present state of her home country with her own history and present duality that derives from her life in-between one country and another. All of these elements are often presented in the form of installations where the different mediums and approaches invoke the dissimilar, fractured yet amalgamated qualities that form the dialectic state of the immigrant.

Angela Pulido Zorro, was born in Bogotá Colombia in 1982. She has been living in between the USA and Colombia for the past 15 years shaping her dual sense of belonging. She received a BFA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago in 2006. During her time in Chicago, Pulido Zorro also studied theatrical improvisation at I.O. (former Improv Olympic) for two years from 2004 to 2005 and in that same year she did an artistic residency with Greg Allen from the Neo-Futurists. Pulido Zorro’s has been featured in Chicago at the Glass Curtain gallery and Moskow gallery among others. in 2008 she co-founded and directed the La-Tina gallery in Bogotá which was an alternative space for young artists to work and display their works. Pulido Zorro’s work was most recently showcased at the 25East Gallery in 2013 and the AiOP festival in New York and at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia in 2012.


Angela Pulido Zorro / There is an A in everyday / 2013 / Installation / Vary

Angela Pulido Zorro / Stills from a video that is part of "There is an A in everyday" installation / 2013 / Installation / Vary

Angela Pulido Zorro / Untitled / 2014 / Newspaper / Vary

Angela Pulido Zorro / I Have Never Left / 2013 / Vary

Angela Pulido Zorro / Untitled / 2013 / Documentation of a Performance