the intelligence of things

Redell & Jimenez

The Wall, 2012, Digital C-print, 22 x 30 inches

Redell & Jimenez’s collaborative process stems from their mutual interest in the concept of inbetweeness, a space of fluidity and negotiation, where predetermined categories of the body, gender, history and psychology are constantly formed and re-formed. Through a continual dialogue around ancestry, race and cultural histories, Redell & Jimenez have developed a multi-media project of performance, installation, and video. They explore movements of tension, exhaustion and stillness in sites that have a history of liminality. Their site-specific explorations are activated and choreographed via conjoined, amorphous, fabric bodysuits which disguise and abstract their bodies as they negotiate their interdependency.

Boundary Mimicry, 2012, Digital C-print, 47 x 30 inches

Emerging Horizon, 2012, Video Still (Single channel video), 6:12 min loop

The Imposer, 2013, Digital C-print, 20 x 30 inches

The Conversation, 2013, Digital C-print, 20 x 30 inches

The Wait, 2013, Digital C-print, 20 x 30 inches

Expansion, 2012, Digital C-print, 23 x 30 inches

Counterbalance, 2012, Digital C-print, 23 x 30 inches

Kaitlynn Redell and Sara Jimenez are multi-disciplinary artists who met as MFA graduate students at Parsons the New School for Design. They have been engaged in intense collaboration since attending Site + Sight, a visual research project in Beijing, China and The Gobi Desert. Since forming Redell & Jimenez, they have presented their work at Hunter College’s Focus and Motivation and were published in NYU’s interdisciplinary journal Anamesa. Both received the New School University Merit Award for 2012-2013. They have exhibited throughout NYC including at NYCAMs, Rush Arts Gallery and Fowler Arts Gallery and will be included in El Museo del Barrio's 2013 Bienal Here is Where We Jump. They will be artists-in-residence at the Wassaic Project in June 2013.