the intelligence of things

Maricruz Alarcón

Contemporary Latinoamerican Short Stories 2012 Modified book 18 x 13 cm

I work with video, text, drawing and objects; and my practice starts from the conviction that our subjectivity is constructed and determined by the narratives of history. Moreover, I believe our formation as subjects cannot be understood apart from these major discourses, so I think that our only chance of agency resides in reinventing the ways in which we designate something as an historical truth. My interest is to critically observe the formal and conceptual devices used to tell stories, either from the perspective of cultural production or oral patrimony.

The European Industrial Revolution 2012 Modified book 20 x 16 cm

How to make them appear – Handcraft n. 1 (video still) 2012 HD video, color, sound 5 min 46 s

This is no longer literature but corrective punishment (video still) 2012 HD video, color, sound 25 min

Con la reconstrucción renace la vida 2011 Wire, paper, plastic flowers, variable dimensions

Maricruz Alarcón was born in Santiago de Chile in 1983, and currently lives in New York. Along with her BFA in Fine Arts, she received a BA in Aesthetics from the Universidad Católica de Chile. Her practice combines interdisciplinary studio work with critical writing about visual culture. In 2009, she was awarded with a Conicyt Scholarship to pursue graduate studies. Her work has been shown at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, CineArte Alameda, Galería Bech, Galería Balmaceda 1215, Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda and Galería Die Ecke.