the intelligence of things

Grace Hong

Grace Hong, String Theory, 2011, String and Push Pins, 40 x 40 inches

In contemporary society, social experiences are becoming highly mediated by the Internet and media. With the increase of digital communication systems, personal and communal interactions are becoming abstracted and codified as an exchange of data and information. I employ processes of deconstructing codified computer jargon that structure virtual reality and experiences. My work reflects the short-circuited psychology of this hyper-extended generation conditioned by computer interfaces and wireless technology. My work emphasizes a return to the physical and material constructions of making assemblages, sculptures, and installations. My practice embodies a heightened psychological desire for connection and to reconcile feelings of anxiety and detachment that comes with displacement. The text-based works in my practice involve compiling codes, such as chat acronyms, and stream-of-consciousness narratives as obscured textual patterns to elicit visually haptic surfaces. My sculptural and material works are constructed from excess materials, such as plastics, strings etc, to conjure associations to the body and biomorphic forms. Often, my process examines tools, methods, and the physicality of materials to employ chance procedures in realizing indeterminate forms and structures. These structures represent the converging landscapes of virtual and physical infrastructures assembling our environments.

Grace Hong, The Glass Pieces, 2011, Glassware, Light bulbs, Salt water, installation

Grace Hong, Ways, 2012, Ink on Walls, installation

Grace Hong, Resistance, 2012, Screen Prints, installation

Grace Hong, Creature #4, 2012, Mixed Media Assemblage, 5 x 4 x 13 inches

Grace Hong, lol101lol101, 2012, Ink on Plastic Sheeting, approx 3 feet diameter

Grace Hong, Entangled in Emergence, 2013, Plastic Sheeting, String, Nails, Black Enamel, installation

Grace Hong, If You See Something, 2013, Wood, String, Nails, Acrylic, 84 x 48 x 4 inches

Grace Hong was born in Chicago, IL. Growing up, she lived in many major cities, such as Seoul, Korea, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Cleveland, Ohio, and Rochester, NY. In 2010, Hong received her B.A. in Psychology and Studio Arts at the University of Rochester. Currently, she is an MFA candidate in Fine Arts at Parsons The New School for Design. She has exhibited at Parsons’ 25 East Gallery, UCLA’s Art | Sci Center in Los Angeles, CA, and Rochester Contemporary Art Center and Hartnett Gallery in Rochester, NY. During the summer of 2012, Hong participated in Sight + Site, a collaborative project with MFA Director, Simone Douglass, in Beijing, China. She currently lives and works in New York City.