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BODY CLAMP, Untitled (New York), 2012, Press Photo, Variable

BODY CLAMP is a performance proposal by New York based artists John Furer, Isaac Pool, and Jessica Posner. BODY CLAMP is a practice of fully contingent sculpture within an economy of means. Treading the border of “butch” and baroque, its participants build allegiances with materials through improvisational systems of measurement and security. In short, we make table/platforms using only our bodies as clamps. It’s kind of dangerous.BODY CLAMP was born out of the Question for Revolution and Universal Brotherhood exhibition at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center in the Fall of 2012. Our first project was the deconstruction of a table depicted in Jose Clemente Orozco’s Call for Revolution and Universal Brotherhood mural at The New School. In Jan of 2013, BODY CLAMP travelled to Katz’s Deli in Santa Monica, CA for a ten day, on-site project in which we designed, built, and performed on and with two triangular table/platforms. Performances included a critical brunch and SITE (Excerpt), performed by Pool and Posner. SITE (Excerpt) is a reparative re-performance of Robert Morris's 1967 "SITE," in which Carolee Scheenman acted as a nude Olympia. Pool and Posner switch positions and subjectivities between Morris and Schneeman. Lighting and sound design provided by a car.

BODY CLAMP, Untitled (New York), 2012, Press Photo, Variable

BODY CLAMP, Untitled (New York), 2012, Press Photo, Variable

BODY CLAMP, Untitled (Santa Monica), 2013, Press Photo, Variable

BODY CLAMP, Untitled (Santa Monica), 2013, Press Photo, Variable

BODY CLAMP, Untitled (Santa Monica), 2013, Press Photo, Variable

BODY CLAMP, Table for Katz’s Deli, 2013, wood, 8 x 8 x 4 ft.

BODY CLAMP, “Site” Re-­‐Performance, 2013, performance, 20 minutes

QRUB, Curtain, 2012, synthetic velvet, 10 x 18 ft.

QRUB, Table after Jose Clemente Orozco, 2012, wood, 7 x 8 x 3 1⁄2 ft.

QRUB, Mural, 2012, acrylic on panel, 22 1⁄2 x 8 ft.

QRUB, Mural (process shot), 2012

QRUB, Occupation, performance documentation

QRUB, Jarrod Kentrell, performance documentation

QRUB, Historical Redemptions, performance documentation

QRUB, Closing Departures, event documentation

Question for Revolution and Universal Brotherhood (QRUB) was a multimedia exhibition and collaborative artistic and curatorial project by Lauren Denitzio, Isaac Richard Pool, and Jessica Posner. It deployed radical and feminist tactics across history, mythology, representation, and presence. Conceptually, it was an examination, and reinterpretation of the historical allegiances, and projected intentions of socially engaged art of the 1930s WPA Era. Responding to the contents of the New School’s Orozco Mural Room--the murals’ subjects, reception, and censorship-- the artists/curators channeled the performative potential of Orozco’s archive and mythology into a conversation about our present day needs. QRUB included a collectively rendered mural, two sculptures (a table and large yellow curtain), texts, and three weeks of public programming and performances. Denitzio, Sara Jimenez and Cupid Ojala organized the creation of a mural, which was continuously rendered throughout the course of the exhibition by current and recently graduated Parsons students. Pool and Posner conceived of and organized the sculptural, textual, and performance elements of the show. QRUB was on view at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center at Parsons the New School for Design at 66 Fifth Avenue from September 17 through October 6, 2012.

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Participants included: Alexandro Segade Alicia DeBrincat (Parsons MFA Fine Arts ‘12) Cara Nahaul (Parsons MFA Fine Arts ‘14) Chaney Trotter (Parsons MFA Fine Arts ‘13) Colin Self Cupid Ojala (Parsons MFA Fine Arts ’12), David Geer Heather Love Ilyn Wong (Parsons MFA Fine Arts ‘13) Isaac Pool (Parsons MFA Fine Arts ‘13) Jack McGrath Jarrod Kentrell (Parsons BFA Fine Arts ‘13) Jessica Posner (Parsons MFA Fine Arts ’13) JIan Yi (Parsons MFA Fine Arts ‘14) Joanna Spitzner John Furer (Parsons MFA Fine Arts ‘13) Kaitlynn Redell (Parsons MFA Fine Arts ‘13) Lauren Denitzio (Parsons MFA Fine Arts ‘13) Leslie Allison Lillian Handley (Parsons MFA Fine Arts ‘14) Maureen Connor Mira Schor Reena Katz (Parsons MFA Fine Arts ‘12)` Sam Harmon Sara Jimenez (Parsons MFA Fine Arts ’13)